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HARVESTLAND® Turkey Flatbreads with Bacon Jam

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Number of servings: 12

Serve up fantastic holiday shareables with HARVESTLAND® NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ Turkey Flatbreads. Perfect for passing, this delightful app pairs all the season’s best ingredients with crisp flatbread, decadent bacon jam, goat cheese and honey roasted turkey breast. Make your menu holiday-ready with this delicious, festive flatbread. Get Recipe.

1.5 cups Spanish onion, sliced
1 cup Bacon, rendered lardons, reserve fat
1 pint Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
1 cup Veal Stock
12 each Flatbread
1 cup Baby arugula
6 oz. Goat cheese crumbles
Olive oil
1 each HARVESTLAND® Turkey Breast Roast, sliced
1. For the bacon jam, sauté onions in the reserved bacon fat over medium heat until caramelized, add the rendered bacon in, mix for 1 minute. Add veal stock.

2. Bring bacon and onion mixture to a slow simmer; reduce until veal stock is almost gone; allow to cool.

3. Brush flatbread with olive oil; lightly toast in oven.

4. Spread an equal amount of bacon jam across the bottom of each flatbread.

5. Layer and fold the sliced turkey over the bacon jam.

6. Evenly garnish each layer of turkey with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and baby arugula.

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