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  At PERDUE, we recognize the extraordinary measures that you go through to please your customers and ensure a repeat visit.

That's one of the reasons we're the perfect partner for your operation. Whether your need calls for new product concepts, unique flavor profiles or special service requirements, Perdue is in business to make your business more profitable. For more information on Perdue Farms, click on the links below:

Jim, Frank and Arthur Perdue, 1957  

About Perdue Farms

  Learn more about Perdue Farms, the number-one brand of premium chicken in the
Eastern U.S.

Perdue Innovation Center

  The Perdue Innovation Center is the showcase of both Perdue's heritage and our vision for the future.

Our Commitments

  Perdue is committed to quality, food safety, the environment and much more. Learn about our commitments.

Perdue Press Releases

  Take a look and see how we're making a difference.

Facilities Map

  Find Perdue facilities in the Eastern U.S.

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