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Catering to the Multitudes

This is a fun sampling of the Homestyle tenders.


  • 7 CHEF REDI® Tenders
  • 4 Pickles; sandwich slices
  • 4 White cheddar — cut into small squares
  • 4 Small Mozzarella balls — marinated
  • 4 small Roasted red pepper — pieces
  • Dipping sauces, such as roasted garlic tomato, honey mustard, teriyaki


  1. Cut two tenders in half.
  2. On top of each place a piece of the white cheddar and then skewer a pickle slice into the top of the cheese and tender.
  3. Take two more tenders and top with the roasted red peppers.
  4. Skewer a marinated mozzarella ball into the top of the pepper and the tender.
  5. Leave some of the tenders whole so that the hearty eaters that absolutely love the Homestyle tender can have a whole piece and dip them into the sauces provided.