Drive C-Store Foodservice Sales with On-Trend Products from Perdue Foodservice

Published on: 04/16/2018 in C-Store


With people leading increasingly busy lifestyles, it’s no surprise that Americans are now consuming about half their weekly meals on-the- go.1 In order to attract customers and drive sales, c-store operators should have a good understanding of emerging trends while offering a variety of fresh, flavorful and healthy food and beverages.

The ability to conveniently grab a meal and continue with one’s day is one reason the grab-and- go food industry has thrived during the past five years and continues to experience exponential growth. 1 Foodservice has become a key area of opportunity for convenience stores across the country. In fact, competition is heating up within the market as c-stores strive to gain a greater share of sales and compete with restaurants—Technomic calls these competing c-stores “retailer meal solutions,” or RMS. A recent study reports that 50% of RMS consumers buy lunch at c-stores, whereas 19% buy dinner.2

Sandwiches are the most popular entrée on c-store menus. Compared to the prior year, the number of sandwiches increased nearly 15%.2 Top sandwich varieties that continue to increase their presence on c-store menus include chicken and steak wraps, steak sandwiches and Buffalo chicken sandwiches.3

Chicken's popularity is expected to grow throughout the year, reflecting consumer cravings for healthier, high- protein meat.4 While demand for transparency is growing in restaurants and retail, you might be surprised to learn that “better for you” is a selling point that also resonates with c-store customers. “Natural,” “hormone free” and “sustainable” are among the buzzwords that many c-store guests are seeking. Not only is a sandwich or pizza that is made to order fresher, but it can also be customized to suit a guest’s special dietary preferences, should they have them.2

Perdue Foodservice makes it easy to serve up premium proteins that customers demand. PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER products can satisfy the customers who walk into your store looking for premium proteins. PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® adheres to strict guidelines of food integrity, providing operators with a full selection of flavorful, 100% vegetarian-fed chicken and turkey products that are made with high- quality ingredients. And for operators looking to elevate their offerings even further, PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® Organic chicken is available nationwide.*

As a c-store operator, you can keep costs down, meet consumer demand and offer delicious and versatile menu items with CLUX DELUX® from Perdue Foodservice. From hot & spicy to Asian-inspired, CLUX DELUX® delivers on-trend chicken products to help drive sales. You’ve probably noticed your customers looking for spicier eats: The incidence of the term “spicy” grew by 14% on convenience-store menus last year. 2 CLUX DELUX® Breaded Hot & Spicy Chicken Breast Filets and Chunks satisfy customers looking for big, bold flavors while Asian-inspired CLUX DELUX® Whole Grain Breaded Chicken Breast Chunks are flavored with ginger, soy sauce, garlic and honey to appeal to customers craving a more ethnic-inspired meal.

Top quality and great value come together in the form of Perdue Foodservice’s CLUX DELUX® line. Fully cooked solid muscle grab-and- go chicken items deliver the added value of a recognizable brand combined with the delightful and rich flavor that customers crave. Operators can choose from a variety of grilled, original, and hot & spicy breaded chicken filets, breast chunks and tenders. Recognizable branded sandwich bags and cartons may help make it easier to lure customers to your grab-and- go chicken offerings.

Patrons’ busy lives will continue to influence their dining behaviors. Today’s portable eats must satisfy several needs in order to drive sales—customers expect flavorful and innovative food all in convenient on-the- go packaging. It’s time to rethink c-store foodservice and explore new opportunities to satisfy consumers in order to meet your bottom line. Look to Perdue Foodservice to help you fulfill your foodservice needs.

*HARVESTLAND® Organic Frozen Chicken available nationwide; HARVESTLAND® Organic Fresh Chicken available in limited markets.

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