You need to build traffic, differentiate from the competition and improve profits. Powerful menu claims can set you apart from the crowd. Consumers desire quality ingredients like No Antibiotics Ever and Organic and want to see them on restaurant menus.1 We can help you use these powerful claims on your menu with customizable marketing materials such as table tents, posters and menu inserts to help meet consumer demand and build profit.

African Cuisine

It’s Trending - What You Need To Know About African Cuisine

As the economy has gone global, so too have consumer tastes.

Menu Transparency

The Next Wave of Menu Transparency

As we head into the new year, we can expect the demand for menu transparency to evolve as consumers express the need for new product insights and increased expectations.

1 Tristano, Darren, “Healthy Dining: What’s It Mean To You,” Forbes, 12/12/16